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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Entertainment : Malèna (2000) : Best Monica Belluci Film Ever!

Malèna is the best Monica Belluci film ever!

Are you a Monica Belluci fan?  Or do you just remember that hot lady in one of the Matrix movies that Keanu Reeves pretended he didn't really want to kiss (cause he was in front of his girlfriend)?

I'm not really a Monica Belluci fan.  What?  It's Monica Bellucci!  Belluci!  Bellucci!  Her name has the word "bell or belle" written all over and it means she's beautiful!  Yeah, I admit it.  I'm not a fan.  I hate her cause she's knock-down drop-dead gorgeous!

Found the photo on Pinterest.  The source led me to a cool Tumblr blog called Vintage.  This is a scene from a movie where Monica Belluci played an integral role.  Don't know how to class this flick.  War movie? Or Love story? Or You just hate me cause I'm beautiful!! Ever wonder what a real marriage partner who takes their vows seriously would do in a desperate situation? Don't believe that love conquers all? Watch this movie. It will make a believer out of you about the unbreakable bonds forged in love and marriage. NOTE:  Even though this film is not that old, apparently it's already being considered a collectible.  This movie and Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, were both released in 2000.  Gladiator was a winner at the 2001 Academy Awards:  best picture, best actor, best movie.  Malèna was only nominated for the Academy Award.  Folks aren't referring to Gladiator as a collectible movie.   Just sayin'.

This is the best Monica Bellucci film ever made!!   Malena

Malèna (2000) Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

Like one of those gems in cinematic history that you discover and keep on your video library shelf for private quiet moments.  You watch it alone or with your significant other.èna-2000

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