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Christmas Tradition : Adoration of the Magi

“Though one can question the total number of men that comprise what we refer to as “The Magi”, everybody accepts that there were 3 gifts and these offerings were gold, frankincense and myrrh.”

The account of the birth of Jesus recorded in New Testament scriptures is well known. But there is much that is not revealed. The gifts the wise men brought for the baby Jesus? What became of them? Something to ponder? Some things I pondered.

Christmas Tradition : The Gifts of the Magi

Every year during the month of December and early January of the following year, many people direct their minds to the story about the birth of Jesus, revered by faithful Christians as the Savior of the world. Although the nativity scene always shows the three wise men (also called the three kings) adoring a newborn baby and bearing gifts, the biblical account indicates that their visitation did not occur on the night that Mary gave birth.

Image credit:  "The Adoration of the Magi", Google Art Project

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