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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Paul the Apostle Knew His Friends: TITUS

Titus was a Grecian convert. Luke does not mention him by name in the Book of Acts, but Paul confirms him as a “partner and fellow helper”. Titus accompanied Paul and Barnabas on a trip to Jerusalem. Unable to go for himself, Paul sent Titus to work with the congregation in Corinth, and then bring back news about their well-being and spiritual health. He brought back a good report and refreshed the weary Apostle's spirit. Several years later, Paul would leave Titus behind in Crete to build up the Church there.

The relationship between Paul and Titus was much like to his association with Timothy. The two letters to Timothy and the letter to Titus have been grouped together and referred to as Pastoral Epistles. Both men were directed to ordain elders to oversee the flock of God, warned about false teachers, told to maintain good works, the purity of the Church, and especially ensure their own personal morality and blameless reputation as godly men.

The last reference to this young preacher is Paul's mention of him in a letter to Timothy (whom he had left in Ephesus) that Titus was headed to Dalmatia (conquered by the Romans A.D. 12; today a region of Croatia, Yugoslavia).

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