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Friday, July 31, 2020

Auto History: My Experience with Classic Cars

In 1998, my late husband and I loaded up the trucks and relocated our family to Austin, Texas.  The first major expense that occurred shortly after we arrived was buying a car.  When I say “shortly” I mean that we had only been in the city for not even a few months.  My son was driving our old car.  He had an accident.  He walked away but the car went to car heaven.

Back then we were a one-car family and since the public transportation system in Austin was not all that good, we knew we needed to get a car and fast!  We could not afford a brand new car so we bought a used car.  The first thing that happened after we bought the used car was … it broke down!  Being brand new to the city we didn’t really know who to call.  I picked up a local publication, started browsing through it, and found the name of a guy who advertised that he fixed cars, 24/7 and that he came to you.  We were in a hotel.  He came to us to fix the car, in the parking lot!

I called the phone number in the advertisement and talked to the guy before he came over.  When I hung up the phone, I said to my late husband:  “That guy sounds awfully young.  Do you think we can trust him to fix the car?”  My husband replied:  “Aw!  Don’t worry!  He’s probably one of those guys who like to work on classic cars.”

Turns out the young guy was terrific when it came to fixing cars.  It also turns out that he was one of those guys who liked working on classic cars.  LOL.

That’s why I picked tweets about classic cars.

You probably don’t miss the old cars because they were gas guzzlers and bad for the environment.  But some of those classic cars are being updated to become more eco-friendly.  YAY!

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